Payment & Delivery



LUMAX.SI allows the customer to pay for the purchase in the following ways:

- with a payment card or cryptocurrencies (payment via the Elly POS system - a set of payment cards and cryptocurrencies is available at the link;

- payment by PayPal;

- payment on bank account Office 42 d.o.o. after receiving the pro forma invoice;

under the conditions specified in general terms and conditions.


Payments for goods ordered through LUMAX.SI are made exclusively in euros. The buyer agrees to:

- bears the transaction costs that may be charged by its payment service provider for making a payment at the time of purchase through the LUMAX.SI sales platform and are subject to a confidential agreement between the buyer and the payment service provider and are thus unknown to the seller;

- renounces the possible right to withdraw from or change the payment order with the selected method of payment according to the selected method of payment;

- In the event of suspected misuse of any means of payment, the seller may, without prior notice, submit the transaction to the competent authorities for resolution.


Payments by debit or credit card (hereinafter payment card)

In case when the customer pays with a payment card, it is considered that:

- the payer (data in the customer's personal profile) must be the same person as the owner of the payment card;

- the customer is responsible for ensuring that he has sufficient credit with the payment card payment service provider to pay for the purchase, that he has settled all relations and is entitled to pay with a payment card online and that he has provided complete and correct information on the order used payment card. Otherwise, it is liable to the seller for all damages and costs that the seller would incur in connection with the said violation.


Payment with PayPal account

When choosing the method of payment with a PayPal account, the customer will be redirected to the secure page of PayPal online payment services. The customer must have his active PayPal account and sufficient credit on it to make the payment method. The customer is responsible for having all relations with the PayPal service provider.



The seller enables delivery in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. Delivery of goods is not included in the price of goods. The cost of delivery depends on the size and weight of the package and the chosen method of delivery, according to the valid price list of delivery costs on the day of the order and is displayed as a special item on the order when the customer chooses the method of delivery. Delivery is free of charge for every order with a value higher than EUR 100,00.


The buyer has a choice between two methods of delivery:

- personal acceptance of the goods

- delivery to the address


Personal acceptance of the goods:

The buyer can personally pick up the purchased goods at the seller's warehouse in Senov, Partizanska cesta 13, between 9.00 and 15.00. In case the buyer chooses “personal collection” as the method of delivery, the seller will inform the buyer via e-mail and notification in the buyer's personal account on LUMAX.SI when the goods will be available for collection. Delivery costs are not charged in case of personal collection of goods.

Delivery to the address:

In the event that the buyer chooses "delivery to the address", the seller will arrange delivery of the goods to the address specified by the buyer in the order. The choice of delivery service is the responsibility of the seller. The seller will inform the buyer via e-mail and notification in the buyer's personal account on LUMAX.SI when the goods will be ready for delivery and handed over to the delivery service.

The goods are considered delivered when the buyer, regardless of the chosen method of delivery, has confirmed the receipt of the goods in writing. At this point, the risk of accidental damage or destruction of the goods passes to the buyer.



The seller does not offer goods assembly services, but provides instructions for assembly, installation and use.

As part of sales activities, the seller also offers individual consulting services, which the buyer can order separately via the form on LUMAX.SI. The service is performed by the professional staff of the seller by individual agreement and offer.